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The restoration has begun!

Well, as you can see from the pictures on my 1st pages that I have alot of work ahead of me to restore this car. I have the engine and drive train in good shape, now I have the hard part of getting the body in order.

My largest area of "body cancer" (rust) is in the trunk and rear 1/4 panels. I have to remove all the rusty panels (trunk floor, 1/4 extensions, rear valance panel, valance to 1/4 pieces). This process is rather long, since I have to drill out the spot welds (tool from Eastwood), or grind them out with a Dremel tool on the ones I can't reach.

Soon I will be MIG welding the new panels in (after I figure out how to align everything). The new materials were purchased from Year One, which has a great selection of sheet metal repair pieces.

Trunk floor is out, now getting ready to remove rear valance panel.

Valance is removed.

Side of rear 1/4 is cut out, showing 1/4 extensions.

These are also removed for replacement

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