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2008 rear body body efforts:

October 23, 2008 - More filler....
Added more filler to get it straight... this has been a painful process. Filler is hard to apply (at least for me)... I am doing final finish now with Evercoat Polyester glazing putty, more photos to come soon

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July 16, 2008 - Well, finally to the point where I am smoothing out the rear 1/4's area on both sides. Since I had problems with getting the cheap replacement 1/4's to fit correctly, I had to heat/shrink them. It's now full of dimples - (look here, bottom of the page Rear 1/4 install)... Plus, I found out that you can't put body filler over paint - DOH!

...Using Evercoat Rage for the 1/4's and Metal-to-metal for the deep spots.... Here's the 1/4 with some filler on it... It's a slow process because I am not a bodyman -- trial and error!

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