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July 2000

Windshield Rot Repair

I removed the windshield, and as I had suspected the metal around the window was rusted out (a good hint of this was the rusted out floor pan). Unfortunatley, there are no aftermarket replacement panels to fix it. So I guess I have to cut out the rusted metal and weld in some new.

Area around windshield - very rusty at the bottom

First I cut out the rusty metal (using a cut-off wheel on a Dremel tool). These cut-outs are traced on the replacement stock (20awg), then welded in place.

Also, I have to remove the lead used as filler (it is rusty underneath)

Here you can see where the metal has been replaced. POR-15 (black color) paint is used for some of the very rusty spots.

Here is where the body solder was removed and MIG weld filled in.

A real surprise was finding a hole from a pellet rifle in the roof. It must have been from a Crossman rifle. I welded it closed.

Here is the finished product, at least primered with PPG K36. Now on to the floor pan!

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