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August-October 2000

Rusty Floor Pan Repair

Well, the floor pan on the driver's side is a mess, very rusty. The section in the back seat was rusty also, so I purchased a full-length pan from Year One. Since the metal in the replacement panel is about 2 gauge thicknesses thinner than the original, I opted to keep the area under the driver's seat intact.

So first I cut out the rusty area in the rear seat area.

Then, I trace out the new area to cut-out. Be very careful not to cut it too small, since you can't add metal back!

Here is the metal traced out.

And finally welded into place.

Next, I have to tackle the front section. Here is the BEFORE picture:

First, I have to cut out the rotted stuff

Next, I have to cut the new panel to fit

Last, it is welded in place

Well, I started on the passenger side pan... I thought it wasn't too rusty, but after I looked at it... it has to come out too.. Oh, well..

Finally, the floor pan is fixed...

Stay tuned... next I will be taking the doors apart and stripping them.. I'm working my way forward...(should be done in a few years....*sigh*)..

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