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November 2000 - March 2001

Restore the doors and trunk lid.

The doors were in fairly good shape with only a small amount of rust in the inside and at the bottom. First the inside of the doors were cleaned, wirebrushed, treated with Eastwood anti-rust, then coated with POR-15. Next, the outsides were stripped of about 6 coats of various color paints, using Eastwood Aircraft Stripper. Next, they were primed with PPG Wash Primer (1791/1792) and then with PPG K36

Likewise, the trunk lid was given the same treatment, but I had to fill a big dent in the back lip with Everglas before priming.

Here's a door ready to prime:

Door jambs

Next, the door jambs were stripped, wirebrushed and painted. In order to get access to the jambs, the fenders were removed. The Left fender is in good shape, but I had to scrap the Right fender since it was hit in the front corner and was going to impossible to repair. I have a replacement fender that I had purchased last year that I am planning on using.

Removing paint from jambs

Here's the 383 motor... I hope it runs after sitting now for 2 years!

Also, the old grille... I have a much better grille all ready to go..

The finished product.

Next, I cleaned off all the undercoating from the bottom (at least the loose stuff). Then painted POR-15 on the areas up underneath the floor pan near the rocker panels. Next, I sprayed new 3M Body Schutz on the underside from the firewall to the back, and also the inside of the rear 1/4's. I purchased the Schutz gun from Harbor Freight tools for $9., instead of 3M's price of $70.

Stay tuned... next, I will be pulling the engine. First, I need to clean, strip and prime the firewall. Then painting it with car color (still need to make up my mind about the color). After that, I will be rebuilding the front suspension, and adding disc brakes from a '72 A-body. I hope my job gets squared away soon, I would like to get this car done!

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