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Restoration update:

December 2018 -- Block sanded the car finally. Have 2k primer on hood, doors, trunk lid, fenders, valance panel. Weather turned too cold so could not 2k prime the body. Who knows, maybe put some color on it this Spring ? Just need some time..

October 23, 2017 - Stay tuned, work has begun on the car again ... really, no kidding !

May 2, 2017 -- Bought a Mopar frame cart from Auto Twirler a few months ago, and installed on front, but that is it. Need to remove rear axle now and install rear rollers, but have not started yet. Money is short again, not motivated without any cash !.

2009-2016 - Car is still in the garage, covered in blankets... it's sad to see... all ready to go, just need some ca$h to finish..... *sigh*

Not much going on... body is completed, just need money to start on the paint. Thinking of Summit Racing Base/Clear in Sublime! Easy color, not metallic -- Maybe I will win the lottery so I can move ahead... ?

October 4, 2009 - The primer is on the body... woo-hoo! Didn't think I would ever see straight panels again.

Will finish the doors, trunk and hood by the weekend.

Ahh... Primer on the doors and hood -- trunk too but it's in the background

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