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April 2000 - June 2000

Well, the car is still not progressing as fast as I would like. The rear end is all put back together. Cleaned off amd painted.

Rear End Sanded down

New coat of primer

Next, I finally painted the interior of the trunk and caulked the seams. Also, I painted under the car trunk floor area and applied body Schutz (rubberized undercoating), replaced the axle brake lines and bought a fuel tank.

Inside of primered trunk

Underside showing the undercoating


Fixed the rocker panel to rear 1/4 junction

Since the factory car had body solder filling in the spot where the rocker panels meet the rear 1/4's, I had to get all the lead out (make sure you use a mask - lead is poisonous). I decided to construct a patch panel instead of filling it with Bondo.

Spot where it is open

Here's the small patch panel (16ga steel)

Panel welded in

Now to prime the rear 1/4's

Well, getting the rear 1/4's ready for painting was a real pain. The metal is much thinner than the factory stuff, so it "oil-canned" rather badly. I had to use the torch to spot shrink the metal (made the new 1/4's look sloppy), so that it would hold paint without cracking the first time someone leaned against it.

Metal all shrunk down (see small circles from torch)

Rear 1/4 with a good coat of K36 Primer

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