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The '69 Charger Project


Ever since I saw the movie Bullitt with Steve McQueen, I have always wanted a Dodge Charger. Although, the '68 is more appealing to me, I have decided that a '69 was the next best thing.

This car was purchased for $1500. in Atlanta, GA by a young 16 year old who loved the car, but did not have time to work on it. The engine, a 383-4BBl, was already rebuilt, but the 727 transmission was baked.

Mechanically, except for the trans., the car was in great shape. The body, on the other hand was a mess!

The frame is solid, but the trunk and rear 1/4's were all rusted out. So that is the area that has been started to be restored first.

Click on the car to enter the Charger Restoration!

Or if you prefer, pick a section below:

Let's begin - removing the trunk floor, rear 1/4's, & rear valance.

Removing & replacing rear window metal, side pillar metal. Also, replacing the trunk floor and rear valance

Finishing trunk floor & valance, primering rear 1/4's.

Removing rusty windshield metal

Replacing the floor pan.

Repainting the door, door frame.

Fender repair and painting.

New garage, pulling the engine.

Rebuilt control arms parts, working on the firewall.

2007 & 2008 efforts.....

2008 Rear body efforts.....

Some day, the finished product will look similar to this! Not sure on the color yet...

(except for the Hemi engine!)